Dr. Gregg Lombardo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery typically involves preparing the mouth for the placement of removable prosthetics – better known as removable dentures. Surgery occurs in the months prior to getting dentures to allow the mouth time to fully heal. This will help to avoid discomfort and other afflictions that are associated with dentures while allowing a proper fit.

Dr. Lombardo may perform any of the following procedures to address your specific dental situation:

  • Bone Smoothing and Reshaping
  • Removal of Excess Gum Tissue
  • Bone Grafts
  • Removal of Excess Bone
  • Bone Ridge Smoothing
  • Exposing Impacted Teeth
  • Removal of Impacted Teeth

The Procedure

An alveoplasty or alveolectomy is the reshaping or removal of alveolar bone that supports the teeth. This is done to remove unwanted contours, ridges, or sharp edges for a smooth more comfortable foundation for a denture. Alveolar bone procedures can be performed simultaneously with tooth extractions. However, in some cases, the procedure is delayed until after extractions to allow natural shaping to occur during the healing process. Gingivoplasty procedures are similar, but are performed to remove or reshape the gum tissue to provide a more acceptable surface for a removable denture. Occasionally, excess or redundant soft tissue requires removal.

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